Programme Support & Consulting


Telespazio VEGA has provided programme support to almost every ESA mission in the last 40 years – as well as national and commercial programmes across Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Telespazio VEGA has provided science, technology, engineering and management support to ESA’s Space Technology Centre (ESTEC), without interruption, for nearly 15 years.

Our support services span the full lifecycle of satellite programmes:

  • Early concept definition
  • Technology development
  • Procurement Consulting & Customer’s Friend services
  • Subject Matter Experts and Programme Management
  • System Build and Deployment
  • Operational support for service delivery
  • Maximising residual mission value in the post-operational period


The huge range of experience that we offer encompasses the full spectrum of space capabilities. Whether it’s Earth Observation or Satellite Communications; Navigation systems or Defence capabilities; Sub-orbital or deep-space, Telespazio VEGA can help you to deliver your programme.

2016/11/28 8:47