Ground Segment


Telespazio VEGA has been involved in the development and maintenance of ground segment systems for more than 35 years. Built on our experience in supporting ESA and other institutional space agencies, we deliver high quality, trusted, end-to-end ground segment solutions.

Our capabilities encompass all elements of ground systems including:

  • Mission Control Systems
  • Satellite and Ground Station Planning Systems
  • Payload Data Systems
  • Integration and Certification Tools (AIVP)
  • Data and Configuration Management Tools – OME
  • Mobile Applications – Polar App
  • Key Management
  • Simulation and Modelling


Our contribution includes the development of ground segment systems and, more importantly, the overlying system and programmatic aspects which include:

  • Overall ground system concept and design
  • Ground segment programme cost and risk analysis
  • Ground segment integration, verification and validation
  • Ground segment system deployment
  • Ground segment operations concepts
2016/11/28 8:46