Engineering and User Services


To make space data valuable to those within wider industry, a high level of skill and expertise is required to convert satellite data into useable information services.

At Telespazio VEGA, we help organisations bridge the gap between satellite data and providing usable data to the customer. Our experience includes:

  • Extensive capabilities in Earth Observation (EO) data quality and world leading advice on data integrity
  • Development of Space data communication tools
  • EO service provision
  • Support to data reprocessing validation


We offer a comprehensive service for the European Space Agency (ESA) to manage the data quality aspects of its EO missions. This service is operated according to strict service level agreements, providing all data users with robust and reliable EO data, such as the previous ERS-2 and ENVISAT  missions, and all current future ESA each EO missions (eg. Cryosat, SMOS, SWARM).

2016/11/28 8:46