environment_sNatural Resource Management

Coastal Areas and Water Quality

Designed to help manage human activity in coastal areas, this service highlights the contrasts between coastal erosion systems, helps identify and control suitable areas for productive installations and manages alga bloom-related biochemical stress that has a serious impact on fishing, navigation and tourism.

Our services comprise:

  • Monitoring of algae eutrophisation and water temperature
  • Measurements of coastline variations over time


Forest Inventory

Designed to provide updated statistics on the quality and quantity of forest resources available for the timber market and tourist-recreational planning, forest inventory supplies a rigorous and certifiable picture of the state of forest resources and their changes over time. It also provides an overview of the ecological, environmental and harvesting conditions of woods and their ecological, social and job importance.

Landfills and Quarries

An integrated tool for disseminating information about areas designated for landfill, this service identifies unauthorised landfills and quarries; enables the monitoring of sites designated for a quarry or landfill and the planning of waste disposal and mining activities and supports territorial planning and controls.

Components of the service comprise:

  • Integrated information system on landfills
  • Monitoring territorial variations in areas earmarked for quarries or landfills

Ice Mapping

We serve both the professional arctic user with ice tracking and relevant products and the public with information products on the changing arctic.

The Melting Arctic: In recent years scientists have predicted that, due to the combination of summer ice melting, annual decrease in ice extent, and ice pack drift driven by wind and current, there will soon be open water at the North Pole, and in due course the arctic will be nearly completely ice free in the summer. Latest models suggest it will be several decades before the first largely ice-free summer occurs, but if current trends are taken as a guide this could happen within a decade.

Telespazio Vega UK’s Geo-Information Division, and our sister companies in the Telespazio group, are focused on developing and providing these services. When we heard this summer from our partners and friends within the arctic science community that this year (2012) was expected to be a record retreat of the ice, and might even expose the North Pole, we decided to use our capabilities to help raise the public profile of the event, capture a daily record through the arctic summer and provide an accessible source of information on the subject to stimulate students and the general public.

Air Quality

The Air quality service makes data available for documenting the natural origin of atmospheric aerosol. It provides decision-maker support for the introduction of air pollution control measures and planning support for land-based measurement station networks.

Our services comprise:

  • Large-scale mapping of desert aerosol
  • Pollutant concentrations maps
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